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The Benefits Of Wearing Sunglasses For Motorists

Posted on 12/09/17 in Other News

It is important to always wear a good quality pair of sunglasses. The benefits of wearing sunglasses for motorists are because the sun can obscure your vision and potentially be the cause of a road traffic accident.

For many motorists, dealing with glare caused by shiny surfaces such as roads or glare from watery surfaces such as water or oil on tarmac can be a real issue drivers have to contend with, especially on wintery days when the sun is at its lowest.

To protect your eyesight from harmful UV Rays, Polarised lenses are strongly recommended for all types of driving.

Polarised lenses reduce reflected glare caused by shiny road surfaces as well as helping to reduce eyestrain and fatigue caused by long journeys.

Not only do sunglasses protect your eyesight when driving but research has shown that reaction times for drivers wearing polarised sunglasses are up to 20% faster compared to drivers without any sunglasses at all and up to 40% faster than with ordinary non-polarised sunglasses.

Faster reaction times mean that stopping distances are up to 6 metres shorter with polarised lenses compared to driving with non-polarised sunglasses, therefore proving that wearing polarised sunglasses blocks out glare, and improves the driver’s vision thus significantly improves driving safety.

Oakley is the choice of many driving enthusiasts as their High Definition lenses give the highest levels of clarity and performance with uncompromised levels of safety and impact resistance. By combining unique lens technology, frame design, style and performance, Oakley have created sunglasses which are perfect for all types of motorist.

As an alternative to Oakley, another brand to look out for is Maui Jim. As standard, all Maui Jim sunglasses come Polarised and are the perfect accompaniment for all motorists looking for a sleek sporty look.

For more information on the benefits of wearing sunglasses for motorists please visit our dedicated page for driving.

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